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    The PLGA Fund at PBTF Sponsors PLGG/PLGA Coalition Meeting in Germany – A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation


    On Monday, January 13, 2020, the PLGG/PLGA Coalition kicked off their 4th meeting in 6 years to discuss the most current scientific studies and best practices in clinical trials for treating PLGA patients. The goal of this coalition is to accelerate the pace of PLGA research by finding common ground for evaluating and treating PLGA patients as well as identifying the scientific direction to better understand these low-grade tumors and target them for eradication. This conference has been a catalyst for the most prolific period of PLGA research to date.

    Over two days in Ladenburg, Germany, the group discussed a range of important topics including “Classifying PLGG within the World Health Organization Coding System”, ‘Non-BRAF Tumor Biology”, “Creating a PLGG Model System”, “Oncogene Induced Senescence and Micro-Environment”, “Clinical Trial Updates”, The Next Generation of Clinical Trials” and so much more.

    The 36 meeting attendees are the most brilliant clinicians and researchers from 7 countries and 19 different research institutions including The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, University College of Queens (UK), Children’s National Medical Center, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Sick Kids (Toronto), Research Institute of McGill Medical and Washington University of Saint Louis Medical Center. Their collaborative efforts are helping shape the future for treating PLGA patients and giving hope to families diagnosed today and in the future.

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