Okay so this may be a slightly too packed day in the life…but the point still stands – there’s so much to do in Leicestershire! 


Over the Summer I got the great opportunity to work alongside some UOL, DMU and Loughborough students, the Pathways East Midlands team plus Revolution Viewing on this promotional video. The film took us a total of 3 days to film, which we spent rushing around Leicestershire, eating doughnuts, and braving the very cold/rainy weather to get those perfect angles. But honestly, it was probably one of my favourite memories of this summer! I got to visit some of my favourite places like the National Space Centre, we got free doughnuts (and coffee) plus we got to check out some new places like Beacon Hill Country Park (which was ridiculously windy).


So, if you happen to need a little bit of inspiration on places to visit then check out the video below! 




See you all on the flipside! 


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