The Editors of AJNR are pleased to announce the annual Lucien Levy Best Research Article Award has been presented to:

Tissue at Risk and Ischemic Core Estimation Using Deep Learning in Acute Stroke by Y. Yu, Y. Xie, T. Thamm, E. Gong, J. Ouyang, S. Christensen, M.P. Marks, M.G. Lansberg, G.W. Albers and G. Zaharchuk.  

This award is named for the late AJNR Senior Editor who championed its establishment and recognizes the best original research paper accepted in 2020. The winning paper was published electronically on March 25, 2021. It was selected by a vote of the Journal‘s Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editors.

Other nominated papers were:

Characterizing White Matter Tract Organization in Polymicrogyria and Lissencephaly: A Multifiber Diffusion MRI Modeling and Tractography Study by F. Arrigoni, D. Peruzzo, S. Mandelstam, G. Amorosino, D. Redaelli, R. Romaniello, R. Leventer, R. Borgatti, M. Seal, and J.Y.-M. Yang

COVID-19 Is an Independent Risk Factor for Acute Ischemic Stroke by P. Belani, J. Schefflein, S. Kihira, B. Rigney, B.N. Delman, K. Mahmoudi, J. Mocco, S. Majidi, J. Yeckley, A. Aggarwal, D. Lefton, and A.H. Doshi

Posttreatment Imaging in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer without Clinical Evidence of Recurrence: Should Surveillance Imaging Extend Beyond 6 Months? by A. Gore, K. Baugnon, J. Beitler, N.F. Saba, M.R. Patel, X. Wu, B.J. Boyce, and A.H. Aiken

Analysis of Stroke Detection during the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Natural Language Processing of Radiology Reports by M.D. Li, M. Lang, F. Deng, K. Chang, K. Buch, S. Rincon, W.A. Mehan, T.M. Leslie-Mazwi, and J. Kalpathy-Cramer

MRI Vessel Wall Imaging after Intra-Arterial Treatment for Acute Ischemic Stroke by A. Lindenholz, I.C. van der Schaaf, A.G. van der Kolk, H.B. van der Worp, A.A. Harteveld, L.J. Kappelle, and J. Hendrikse

Contrast-Induced Acute Kidney Injury in Radiologic Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke in the Emergency Setting by J.W. Myung, J.H. Kim, J. Cho, I. Park, H.Y. Kim, and J.H. Beom

Tailored Vessel-Catheter Diameter Ratio in a Direct Aspiration First-Pass Technique: Is It a Matter of Caliber? by E. Pampana, S. Fabiano, G. De Rubeis, L. Bertaccini, A. Stasolla, A. Vallone, A. Pingi, M. Mangiardi, S. Anticoli, C. Gasperini, and E. Cotroneo

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