Beginning March 18, the International Positive Psychology Association is kicking off the first Evidence in Action Conference, which celebrates the application of positive psychology across fields and disciplines. The full two-day program is now available.

Register here.

Register here for a full two day program/schedule.

There will be over 60 speakers presenting in panels or individually over the two days. Speakers include

  • Tayyab Rashid (Canada), co-author of Strengths-Based Resilience and Positive Psychotherapy Workbook. Tayyab has several online videos including one called Using Strengths in a Time of Trauma.
  • Lucy Hone (New Zealand), wrote Resilient Grieving and co-authored The Educator’s Guide to Whole School Well-being.
  • Nic Marks (UK), speaker in the TED Talk, The Happy Planet Index.
  • Margarita Tarragona (Mexico), an expert in narrative coaching and therapy and author of Positive Identities.
  • Judith Moskowitz (USA), co-editor of Positive Emotions: Integrating the Light Sides and Dark Sides.
  • Dan Tomasulo (USA), author of American Snake Pit and Learned Hopefulness.
  • Elaine O’Brien (USA), proponent of Transcendent Movement and Flourishing.
  • Jazz Gcobisa Mbanjwa (South Africa), Mindfulness Dialogue Lead
  • Shizuka Modiac (USA and Japan), professor of organizational behavior and leadership

There will be about 30 sessions covering a wide range of topics, all evidence-based applications. Topics include:

  • Positive Psychology Coaching and Executive Coaching
  • Health Promotion and Health Care
  • Bridging Gaps between Science and Practice
  • Building Well-being
  • Learning Globally and Adapting Locally
  • Making Practices Effective and Inclusive
  • Embracing Challenges
  • Even Positive Psychology in Policing

The program is CPD accredited and the majority of the event will be available on-demand for all registrants, after the event concludes.

This is just one of the three virtual conferences that IPPA will be holding this year. There is special pricing for people who sign up for all three conferences at once.

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