We’re one week into January…How’s your resolution going so far?

There’s a lot of pressure to “start over” or “be better” this time of year, but this type of thinking can make for a really harmful mindset for someone suffering from depression symptoms.

On the other hand, making a New Year’s resolution is a great way to create
positive change in your life. So, how do you find a healthy balance between motivating and practical?

Make A Plan

A lot of times baby steps are the answer! Try to do something each day to work toward your goals but rest if you need to. Develop a plan that includes how you’ll achieve your goals and take care of your self along the way.

Break your goals down into smaller milestones which will result in rapid success and accomplishment. Also, instead of setting deprivation-based goals, opt for goals that are more positive. If you want to ‘give something up’ try replacing it with a positive goal or habit. Why not try spending more time with family and friends you love?

Be Realistic

Accomplishing goals for someone in the midst of battling a mental illness can be a different experience than for someone with a stable mood. Setting unrealistic goals and resolutions can lead to failure and overwhelm. On the other hand, setting realistic goals can help spark motivation. The more realistic your goals, the better chance you have of reaching them.

Once you reach them, you’ll feel accomplished and proud which can help elevate your mood. Try and focus on the big picture even if you take a step or two backwards in your journey to wellness.

Get Support

No one should have to battle a mental illness alone! Don’t allow previous failures to get in the way of reaching your new goals. Find someone who can give you the support you need to help overcome obstacles and setbacks if they arise. Support from others can keep you moving forward and provide encouragement.

Make 2020 the year you didn’t make a traditional resolution.
Make it a year of self-care, happiness, and forward progress.

Our team is here to help you reach your goals for the new year and beyond
through innovative treatments like IV Ketamine and TMS Therapy- learn more today!

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