So I have just finished up my third week of Second year and let me tell you something…I feel just as lost and confused as I did at the start of last year. With things like deadlines, trying to find a society to fit in with, and trying to keep up with the recommended reading – the first few weeks of University can be mentally and physically draining. It can also be off-putting to those of you Freshers out there as you may feel out of place or feel like you made the wrong decision to come to University. But! If I remember correctly from last year, all this newness settles down eventually. It just takes some time, and a lot of coffee.

Adjusting to University life can be hard, we all know that. But feeling lonely, nervous or scared is completely natural! I mean, you’re in a completely new environment, going through a completely new routine so you’re bound to feel stressed out at some point. Settling into a new City is bound to make you feel a little bit on edge too. Also with the weight of trying to live independently and manage your time/money wisely – it can get a little bit too much.

But hold on! It’s not all bad, trust me. The first few weeks are tough, but you will get through them. Here are some steps that you could take if you’re feeling a little bit lost, homesick, or just stuck!

  • First, take a few breaths! Read a book or do some yoga if you wish – anything that will calm you down and put you at ease.
  • Think rationally – know that you are not alone in this transition and everybody around you is probably feeling a little bit lonely and homesick too!
  • Put yourself out there – don’t shy away in your room! The best course of action to beat loneliness or feeling out of place is to get out there and make some friends! Join a society or a sports team or even just approach people on your course.
  • Feeling homesick? Schedule regular skype calls with your family or even take a weekend off from revising to visit them! You’ll feel very refreshed after seeing some familiar faces (and you’ll get a nice home cooked meal too).
  • Go and explore! Most of you will have come to Leicester from everywhere around the UK so it’s important to get lost in the city for a few days to find your feet. You’ll find loads of hidden gems around the city if you look hard enough, plus walking/wandering around has the added benefit of relaxing you and allowing you to take some time out to think
  • Talk it out – speak to your personal tutor, course rep or any member of staff in your department if you’re struggling with any course related issues
  • Tidy up – cleaning always relaxes me. I feel like the act of tidying up itself allows me to sort out the jumbled thoughts in my head, allowing me to think clearer. So, put some new bed covers on, and sort out that pile of clothes on the floor – you’ll be surprised at how refreshed and organised you’ll feel after doing so!
  • Stop worrying! – you’ll get used to the new routine soon enough, then you’ll be having the time of your life!
  • Be honest – sometimes it’s best to admit that you’re feeling a little bit down. Be honest about it and talk to the student services team who can give you advise or point you in the right direction. They are located in the Charles Wilson Building and can offer you financial advise, help you out with Unitemps and also offer health and well-being services like counselling.


How ever you might be feeling, know that you are never alone! Everyone feels lost and out of place at times but it WILL pass. The first few weeks are especially tough for some but once you get the hang of your new routine, all will be well. Just know that there are tons of support that the University can offer to you, should you need it…just don’t be afraid to ask for it 🙂

Good Luck young Fresher!


See you all on the flipside!

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