When will the coronavirus threat pass? 

How will the economy turnaround? 

When can I safely make plans with my friends again?

At this point, it seems like we have more questions than answers. There are so many unknowns as we continue to move through these challenging times. But even during these uncertain times, there are plenty of ways to move forward in positivity. 

1. Be Mindful

Make a conscious effort to change your mindset so you can welcome positivity. Don’t let anxious thoughts and fear of the unknown take control. Instead, stay grounded in the present. Focus on what you have at this very moment.  Motivational speaker Mel Robbins, Author of The Five-Second Rule, suggests counting backward from five when you have an impulse or disruption in your focus. Count backward from five, physically move your body (take a walk, shut off the TV, etc.), and reactivate your mind in a positive space.

2. Practice Gratuity 

Expressing gratitude is a great way to cultivate a positive self-image. We know that the proven benefits of gratitude are endless, but having a daily gratitude practice can help you really reap the benefits. Even if you don’t particularly feel grateful, take some time to appreciate the blessings in your life. Start a daily gratitude journal that can help you look for the silver lining n each day. Additionally, be kind and gracious to the people in your life- a small ‘thank you’ goes a long way!

3. Build Resilience 

 You may not come back as you were…that’s what happens when you adjust to a ‘new normal’. Resilience is the ability to not only absorb but to find a healthy way to bounce back. Flexibility is an essential part of building resilience. The ability to adapt to circumstances as you navigate through them gives you the power to emerge successfully.

Most importantly, stay focused on moving forward- not just bouncing back! There are still ways to thrive and live your best life during times of uncertainty. Look for ways to develop resilience in your life daily. The opportunities are all around you. 

Our team at Montana Psychiatry and Brain Health is here to walk with you through life’s challenges. We can help you cultivate a plan for mental wellness so you can move forward in positivity and good health. Appointments are available- give us a call today!

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